Slight Playback problem

While streaming I can play everything apart from mkv files for some reason
MKV.pngIv attached a picture of the error message, I think its windows media player thats the problem not 100% sure never really used the media sharing until now 

I was thinking something up with the codec on my laptop? I can watch the same movie without a problem on my laptop but when i stream it i can’t  

Ohh and yes its a 50 year old movie :smiley: but I got a collection of westren cowboy movies pretty good storie line in some of them and that film is one of the top cowboy movies 

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You can’t compare what will play well on a PC with how it plays on the Hub. Codec differences and transfer rates vary greatly. Are you in a wired or wireless network? MKV is a lossless format and some files (primarily HD rips) need lots of bandwidth for smooth streaming. Most of my DVD rips stream fine via wireless, but the BD rips sometimes choke.

Windows Media player cannot play the file.The player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file.

But I found a solution to this problem
On the WDTVlivehub Media player if you go into Setup then Click on Network Settings
and under Network settings you should find “Network Share Server” Click on and add password for protection
Afterwards  on your pc if you click network and you will find WDTVLIVEHUB double click it and you can browse and you can play the files without a Problem 
Not an exact fix for that problem but an alternative Way of playing that movie through streaming, And I got the 4g modem connected dirrectly to the hub then wirelessly streamed through my Network and the 1080p HD movies work fine without a problem streaming it  no problem with the speed or nothing

After 2 months without a Media player I must say i’m very satisfied with it :slight_smile: Didn’t except it to be able to do all this