Slight issue


I’ve had my WD MyBook live for a while now and haven’t had any problems… I enabled SSH and managed to install transmission without any problems.

However i seem to have gone too far in terms of testing out with putty etc as I can’t access my dashboard anymore.

I can access my files, it will tell me I have a 2TB drive on my computer but I can’t access the dashboard and I assume it’s because of something i did with apache?

Is it possible to reset it back? or install the firmware without the dashboard?

Putty still works btw… everything still works besides WDQuickView which comes up as unknown and the dashboard doesn’t work.


Edit : I fixed it, I updated to latest firmware via putty and put -reboot afterwards… came back, got the latest firmware and everything is working again :slight_smile:

However does anyone have a guide to install flexget (or something similiar) on WD Mybook Live? I have transmission installed but am struggling to install Flexget (or any other similiar rss types)

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Dude, that’s a nice thing to know! Thanks :smiley: