Slideshow Effects

Hi there!

I love the specifications of the WD TV Live box and I need to know which slideshow effects are available for pictures/photos - e.g. dissolve, blend over black/white/color, star wipe :wink:

Especially Slide (Right To Left, one photo pushes the previous one away) and Zoom-In + Blend would be nice.

I know this is only a sidefeature for this media monster, but it is key for my purpose.

Best regards,


It sounds good, you can post this in the Idea forum, this way, people can vote on it and WD can see it.

manster, To answer your question, the WD has these slideshow photo transitions available: fade, wipe, zoom, push, replace, checkerboard, and random.

Push and Zoom … yes. Ty, Scandy.

Going to buy the WD TV Live now. :slight_smile: