Slider doesn't work anymore

I’ve had the WD Live for a few months.  Just last week the slider -  it shows how far the movie has progressed - has seemed to have frozen.  Is there a fix for it?  Thanks!

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As always, anything “broken” with the Live is worth a hard reset to see if it fixes it.  There is a tiny hole on the left side by the USB port – use a paperclip and insert it for a minute or so and the Live will reset (you’ll need to reset your preferences as well).

A minute?? This may change between NTSC and PAL … a few secs should suffice (although I for some reason have to try a couple of times to make it work).


No, I say that long because in reality most folks don’t know what ten seconds (the Real time) is – I’ve seen folks hold things for a second or two and then wonder why it didn’t work (hey, I held it down for like 20-30 seconds!).

Great !  I’ll give the hard reset a try.  I’ll time it on my iphone for 20 seconds though. 

That did the trick!  Thanks very much.

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