Sleeping external HD requires restart of Streamer

Sorry for the roll of issues being posted - this is my last one, I promise!

My media library is almost all on an external Seagate USB drive connected directly to my WD box.

It workds fine except when the Streamer has been on for a while and I have not played any media from the USB. If I then try to browse to the media library located on this drive, it tells me “There is no media in the selected location” or that “The Previous media source has been removed”.

During the process, the sleepy drive does seem to spin up, but the Streamer does not seem to recognise it is alive again until I restart the box…then it picks up fine.

Any ideas?

It seem that the connections times out and the external hard drive goes to sleepmode. If you disconnect the Seagate and plug it black in, it should also work.