Simultaneous Digital Pass through on optical PLUS analog 2 ch mixdown on RCA outs?

Anyone figured out how to do this yet? Any word on possible feature add? I have a dedicated theater where I’d like to have the 5.1 audio stream (obviously) while in the adjacent room there is a TV over the pool table that takes RCA analog input.

I have not found a way to send simultaneous audio (seems odd…even my old school LinkSys media extender did this - then again that DMA2100 from LinkSys did a lot of things this wont do, like watch mutlple drives/folder for media - and even allow me to direct content types to specific folders) but I digress…

If the hub can’t do this my only option is to purchase a optical splitter, send one signal to the AV Rec’r and the other to a Digital to Analog converter. The only problem with that is that the converters I found wont down mix compressed DD or DTS and require a PCM stream. So…not really an optimal solution for wtching movies as only PCM sources would work for both rooms… Which means I need the capability to change the stream from a raw digital passthrough to LPCM - which I also cannot find in the audio menu. Right now the only option is to set the Hub for Stereo out which would enable both connections, but I lose the 5.1 on the optical.

C’mon WD, how about a feature add?

Agreed this would be a useful feature.

You’ve probably considered this, but is there a way you workaround this by focusing on your receiver rather than than the WD?   Send the optical signal to your receiver, then have it send to your 5.1 system and simultaneously send stereo to your TV?  

Just thinking out loud …


That could work by using a zone 2 send. It does create, for me at least, a cable mess as I would have to loop cables to and from the wiring closet and (unfortunately) limits the solution to that location only. Still though, a working solution - I’m just a nerd and figure this should be basic for a product like this…heck, even my DVR does it…

I was just about to ask the exact same question. I want optical out going to my surround sound amp, but I want my music to play through my stereo amp. Obviously not at the same time - so I can go into settings and switch audio outputs - but its a hassle. Why cannot the audio output bus be wired to all outputs? Surely no need to switch it internally? All outputs could be live simultaneously.

Anyhone else figure out how this can be done?

From all the reading I did, I do not believe that the Sigma SMP 8654AD chipset is capable of outputting optical and stereo signals at the same time. :frowning: