Simple way to Access MyCloud NAS files remotely (SMB)?

Hi. I currently have the WD MyCloud app running on my Iphone and can access my files on MyCloud remotely with it, and also remotely with WD Photos (works but only with .jpg photos). However, I want a much better file manager to do the same thing (example: FileBrowser. What is the easiest file manager to set up (assuming it’s SMB) that gives me more control over my files, and what do I need to enter for NAS address, user, password? Do I have to open up ports or not? Thanks.

Not officially supported.

Unofficially, you can do the following:

  • Setup SSH on mycloud (search for it, lots of topics on this forum)
  • Setup users to access via SSH (optional if other than root is needed, also search or it on this forum)
  • Setup DDNS on your router. Not mycloud related, check your router and setup a DDNS acct with any provider you want
  • Setup port forward on your router for SSH. Also no mycloud related
  • Install an app that support SCP/SFTP/SSH access on phone to access mycloud. On an Android ES File Explorer is very popular. Not idea about Iphones.

A good practice is also to disable SSH for root and only allow standard users. But that will depend how deep you want to get into it

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WD removed remote drive mapping when they released the OS3 firmware last year. Officially there is NO replacement or workaround from WD for remote access other than to use; the WD apps/software, the My web portal, or enable FTP.

Unofficially, see the following link to setup WebDAV on v4.x My Cloud’s which will allow for remote mapping of the My Cloud and also offers a web interface to access the files of the My Cloud. Works quite well.

Feel free to voice your opinion of WD removing the remote drive mapping in the following Cloud Ideas thread:

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