Simple question re reading synchronized data

I bought my Passport Essential in September 2008 and used it that same month to synchronize data which was on my home PC.

Since then I have only used the Passport once, in 2010, to view the data and to remove the password for the Passport.

But when I tried today to view the data saved on the Passport (looking in the folder WD Synch Data) all I could find were numerous “.dml” files none of which I could open.

So I should be grateful for any thoughts on what I should do to retrieve my data.

What did you use to sync the data and is it still installed?


Thanks Joe - I think I used the inbuilt software on the passport. The PC I synched with is now dead (hence my wish to access the data from the passport).  But the odd thing is that the laptop on which I last viewed the data (mainly photographs) also gives me no joy when I try to view the Passport’s data on it.


I don’t know if this will help I just ran across it


Thank you again, Joe. That link was to a piece re “DLM” files whereas what i am dealing with is something called a “DML” file!!