SiliconEdge SSD Black edition with SandForce SF-1200 Controller

The recently released SiliconEdge Blue SSDs sound good, but what I’d really love is for a Black version to come out that has a 5-year warranty and utilizes the less-expensive SandForce controllers. A 100-200GB with a reasonable price point?

The JMicron controllers aren’t really doing it for me, especially at the current price points.

I thought at first that SiliconSystems’ IP and tech would be incorporated…but the Blue turned out to be a JMicron…why?


It would be nice for WD to create their own chips to compete.

Or, here’s a thought: use Marvell’s controller. Most WD drives use a Marvell chip (granted it’s not a controller), so why not its controller with WD’s tweaked firmware? 

The SiliconEdge drives are, needless to say, getting a bit long in the tooth.