Significant decline in wireless range -- My Net N900 Central

Replaced my old D-Link DIR-655 router to get better range in the rear of the house.  it was weak.  Installed a “My Net N900 Central” and initially it was much stronger in the rear of the house – well in keeping with testing results that gave it the highest wireless range amoung wireless N routers. I was pleased.   But after a month or so, that range declined significantly.  It is now barely reaches the rear of the house, underperforming my old (3 year old) D-lInk . My tablet struggles to link to the network now.  What has happened?  What can be done?  Can the “My Net N900 Central” initial wireless range be restored?

Can you associate the decrease In range to firmware updates?  Or did it just start slowing dying? Or just drop range at once?

Trying to determine if it is dying or is firmware issues

No, it wasn’t associated with any firmware update.  As for a gradual decline, its hard to say.  If you don’t look at your connection speed every day, and don’t necessarily use it everyday or for data intensive tasks, you might not notice a gradual change.  You notice it only when it becomes a problem, which it has.  Since my main desktop uses a ethernet connection to the router, I haven’t noticed any isues there.  Quite simply, the 2.4 GHz wireless N has gone from great when first installed, to appalingly horrible in less than 8 weeks.  Resetting the router hasn’t helped.

A longshot…

When my wife turns on the microwave oven it totally kills the 2.4 g and n range for me.  Is the problem constantly slow? Or just periodic?  I have a n900 in basement of a single story ranch house.  The house is 101’ Long and the router is roughly in the middle. I can get a signal from one end to the other.  It is weak, like one bar on either ends.  I need to move it upstairs to be better.  The router wifi signals are broadcast like a shower head pointing up.  There is a rainbow effect and being mounted as high as possible is best.  I put mine against underside of subfloor.  I would like it in the attic or high on a wall.  My 5ghz range is totally **bleep**.  Sitting directly above the router on the first floor offers 2 to 3 bars out of 5.  Speed is decent but signal is **bleep**.

What channel is your 5GHz band set to?

I’ve turned the 5 GHz channel off – the tablet only gets the 2.4 GHz anyway.   There is no change in the 2.4 GHz signal whether ther 5 GHZ channel is on or off.

I’m mostly using the wireless when nothing else is on – including the microwave.  Yes, the problem is that it is constantly slow.  It was fast with great range (about 50+ feet) when initally installed, and is now **bleep** – slower and less range than my 3-4 year old N300 D-Link (which I replaced becuase it was inadequate for my situation).  My Net N900 Central is definately not performing how many tests indicated it should and definately not performing as it initlally did.

It is starting to smell like return or rma time to me.  A program called Inssider could help see wifi network power.  I would baseline a new one, then check overtime.  You could have blown an antenna.  I would return and do a linksys or asus.  Or rma if you are past return time.

I’ve had it a little over 2 months, so a return isn’t possible.

I installed inSSIDer program as you suggested.  Very interesting.  Nice to see the signal rapidly fall off as I walk away from the router.  Interestingly, I stepped out my front door, about 40 feet from the router, and in nearly clear sight, and I was getting an equally strong 2.4 GHz signal from a neighbor several hundred feel away.  Clearly a problem.

Initiated an RMA.  DId an “Advance Replacement” so I can test the new one against the old one side by side. and see the difference.

Thanks for the help and insight.