Shuttle 48TB Thunderbolt 3 on Windows 10

a) Can I do a defrag on the logical drive (formatted using NTFS). I tried using Raxco’s PerfectDisk (latest version) - and after 1 minute or so - the Shuttle’s drive letter will disappear from Windows. I have no issues using PerfectDisk on all other hard-disks. The only way to recover the problem is to force a reboot of Windows.

b) This is a brand new box - less than 24 hours old.

c) There is about 3TB of data on the box now - logical drive is using RAID 5.

You don’t want to defrag a RAID device, defragging is not necessary for non operating system disks. Plus all current modern OSes run their own defrag on their system disks in the background.

Thank you for the advise. I didn’t know that.