Shuts down doesn't see external hard drives

I have a new 2 TB mybook studio for Mac and a Mac G5.  Mybook does not back up or see my two external hard drives.  No drop-down menu under the G5 name in backup page.  Mybook also shuts down by itself although I have set “never” for sleep. 


Does the 12V AC adapter plug in correctly and power?

Does the drive spin up and make noise?

Have you tried both USB and 1394 cable connection?

Does the LED light lid up? Blinking?E-Label displayed?

Have you gone to “Disk Utility” to see if the drive is recognize?Go/Utilities/Disk Utility/My Book???

If none of the above suggestions is working.

You may need to try it on a windows PC machine

to see if the drive is recognize (PC can not write to it since formatted for Mac, at least recognize it).

If not, the drive is defective.

Then you need to take the drive back and exchange it.

Yes, the drive powers up, spins, LED comes on, e-label is displayed, and it backs up the G5’s internal HD just fine.  But it doesn’t see the two external HD’s and it shuts ddown on its own after some period of time.

If you meant the WD Smartware software only back up data from the internal drive but, not from the external drive.

You are right. That is normal.

WD Smartware software only back up data from the internal drive.

You would need to manually copy and paste data from the other two external drives to the WD external drive if you wish.

It has been programmed to go to sleep in approx… 15min. If no activity to save power.

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Thanks.  Will Time Machine do automatic back-ups from external drives?

Here is an article I found:  Time Machine will back up external drives to Time machine drive.