Shutdown in WD Quick View Options

I would like to shut down my cloud (take from the electricity) is not so good. However, it requires the owner of this name (already registered) and an owner password. Nonetheless, this seems to be the access password to the cloud. Even with “admin” it does not work. A reset (4 seconds) on the back, and a subsequent start (previously taken from the mains) is not expanded. Does anyone have any idea on this. Likewise goes my cloud is not by itself to standby. Did this already the new firmware uploaded. But the blue light is steadily lit and the hard drive runs audible. In standby, the LED should flash well. Can someone help me here?


Please see page 38 of the user manual as this might help you.

Also you can shutdown the device from the dashboard of the unit.

See page 83 on the link above.