Showing networked and local content at the same time?

I have a slight problem. I have a 4tb NAS that I store all my DVDs and CDs on but I also have content on the internal drive in the hub. I would like to be able to show both at the same time (using folder view). Like when you connect an external USB and get “WDTVLIVEHUB USB1 USB2” to pick from. I’d like to get the NAS there as well pretty much like Popcorn Hour does. Is it possible or do I have to fall back on switching source all the time?

This is mostly for the benefit of my wife and son who don’t really bother about having to switch source to find the content they want to watch/listen to. And I really want to use the NAS for storage as it is som much larger than the internal capacity.

Thanks in advance

Unless you’re able to make a network sync, then you’ll have to change the source.