Show pictures (jpg) through airpay on apple tv

I have a WD MyCloud 4tb. If I use my iphone/ipad app I can play videos through airpay but I´me not able to show my photos through airplay. My pictures are placed in the shared folder in my WD my cloud.

Does the IOS app not support showing pictures through airplay?

Regard Klaus


You should be able to see the pictures as well.

Make sure that you don’t have selected only videos. 

Check on the bottom part of the app to see if you have selected the option for videos and not all.

hello, thaks for your answer

just to be clear; I can see my photos on my iphone and ipad but I can´t show my photos on my tv through airplay. If I have selected videos then I can play the videos on my tv through airplay. If I select photos there is no possibliy to see them througt airplay