Show episodes out of order while media player turned on?

I’ve seen some other posts about this and there still seems to be no resolution as far as I can tell.

I used the “therenamer” to sort and name all files on my local drive.  It has used the following naming convention:

Arrested Development.S02E01.The One Where Michael Leaves

Arrested Development.S02E02.The One Where They Build a House

"                                                                                      "

"                                                                                      ’

Arrested Development.S02E10.Ready, Aim, Marry Me


Anyway the files are in proper order when viewing from PC and not when using “media Player” with all metadata attached.

I read that this was an old issue and the its been going on for years.  Is there a fix.  I’m using current firmware with current version Wdtv Live Streaming Media Player.  I don’t want to edit all the xml files for thousands of files.  Is there a simple fix yet?

It sees episode 01, then episode 10,11,12,13, 14,15,16,17,18,19,2,3,4.

soooooooooooooooooooo annoying!!

Use the TV Show filter.

Ok so I did use the TV show filter and it filtered the shows correctly; however it hides all other video and the folders they are in.  All my movies disappear and homeclips.  Are you supposed to have to switch the filter constantly?  If so that’s really ridiculous on WD’s part.  Why can’t it be in folder view all the time and just sort properly, arrrgh so frustrating.

Dude.  You asked for a simple fix.   You didn’t provide any “conditions.”  ;)

The other FIX, though not as simple (depending on your abilities) is just to modify the XML TITLE tag and prepend a leading 0.

I’ve written several posts on how to do that using TEXTCRAWLER.

I did read about editing the XML files and I had already tried it before creating this thread; however I did think it was a bit ridiculous that it is still necessary to do this.  If other media players and PC’s can understand the naming format  then why can’t they simply fix theirs so that is does also. Seems like a quick tweak in the firmware should fix this.

So thank you for help, but to WD I’ve had 3 generations of your product and it still hasn’t been fixed. Why?

If your going to use certain built in sources for your metadata and you are aware of how the XML documents are written, then why not adjust your product so that it works with sources you choose to use as providers.  

Again thanx for your help and I can’t wait for the new android media players, maybe they will get it right.