Should I upgrade?

I have an old MBL and it seems it is due for an update. But I am weary of doing so because of the following message you have to read before updating:

This update replaces your MioNet™ remote access interface with the new WD 2go™ free remote access technology. After performing the update, you will no longer be able to access this network drive using MioNet. Instead, you will need to use WD 2go to access and share files on your My Book Live.

If you accept this update, you must download WD’s new mobile applications (WD Photos 1.3 or higher and WD 2go mobile app) to access your My Book Live from your iOS™ or Android™ mobile device.

Please note that this action is not reversible. If you do not want to update now, click Cancel to return to your dashboard – you can update at a later time. If you have a MioNet Premium account, you can still use the PC to PC remote file access or remote desktop sharing features, but you will not be able to access or share files from your My Book Live using MioNet.

Can someone please tell me the advantages or disadvantages to upgrading?? I do not want to mess up any of my sharing abilities by doing this update. Thankyou in advance for any time or help anyone can give me. :slight_smile:

You use mionet to remotely access the MBL, I find the WD2GO app easier to use. But it really depends on you if you want to update or not. 

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Hey, thanks so much for the reply and help. :slight_smile: