Should i update firmware?


A few weeks ago i bought a 3TB MBL, (various firmware problems with that) however i am loving it lots as a basic nas for my home network all my media is now reachable to all devices/laptops/pc’s quick and easy.

i started looking what other products WD sell and saw the WDTV live, after reading some reviews i decided to buy one

seeing as i currently use a cyclone fusion coupled with 1TB external usb drive to store and watch media on my hd tv.

Today i got my WDTV live, i connected the supplied composite cable to my tv and switched on the power, the device comes to life BUT nothing comes on my TV, which is a problem, so i get a hdmi cable out and connect that, tada im now presented with the language settings page, from there i get the network setting page, i enter my network details, its all good. I can see my MBL and play media from my MBL with no problems whatso ever, except i notice one thing,

it doesnt seem to be able to open folders that contain no media in that folder but does contain media in subfolders of this folder.

note to WD for this is device, change the settings in the firmware to startup for the first time using composite mode seeing as you supply a composite cable with the device, for users not using the device with a hdtv there is no way to change the picture settings to composite because you cant see them, the device is in hdmi mode from new.

ok, so i try some media, first some .mp4 media, so far so good, it plays well and full screen and is very close to hd quality, well impressed, next i try a few xvid’s, im getting excited as the opening scenes to avatar light up my screen.

I watch 20 mins of the movie cause its awesome, throughly happy with the product so far.

so after setting my time zone and picture/sound settings i restart the device, it instantly jumps to the firmware tab on the UI, my question is

  1. should i update this firmware or keep it as it for now?

  2. are there any problems with the current firmware?


TheD0m1n0 wrote:


  1. are there any problems with the current firmware?

That depends.  What version of firmware do you currently have?

As far as the Composite connection goes, that shouldn’t be happening – the composite video connection is always active.  Might need to check the cabling, or it may be that there’s a problem with the cables or hardware on the TV or Hub.


No idea which firmware its using lol, i just know its telling me a new firmware update is available.

strange that my composite was not working out of the box.

The SETUP / ABOUT menu will tell you what version you have.

This forum is for the WDTV Live Hub. The Live is a different device and has its own forum. A good rule of thumb for any WDTV device is to look in that device’s Firmware subforum and see what kind of issues others are having with the latest or previous firmware before upgrading.


Sorry i thought i was posting in the correct forum :expressionless: sorry.

device info says i have 1.08.17

i looked through the correct forum and found a few posts with problems relating to firmware.

Should i update my firmware?

ok so i been playin with my device now for a few hours, having never owned something like this,

im actually very happy with the device, its truely amazing! love it, its played everything i have thrown

at it from various devices (camera/phone ect).

ive plugged my external 1tb hdd into it, it plays everything on there, even the broken xvids that

would not play on my fusion box. I powered up my pc and went to my network i can see the external hdd

as a network storage device and add/remove files to/from it, (very very usefull).

it sees my 3tb MBL and streams stuff off that effortlessly, i had a look through youtube and bbc iplayer, the quality

is amazing from these sites through my device.

all this and virtually ALL plug and play, it all just works, unbeleiveable.

quite honestly this could be the best gadget/device i have every bought for my home multimedia i cant say how much i love it! how i got by without an mbl and wdtv live for so long is beyond me! LOL could NOT live without them now.


After reading some scary firmware stories on here, ive decided NOT to update the firmware woooooo

everything as far as i can see is working as advertised at the moment, so ill wait for the next update

and see what others say about that. :slight_smile:

thx for the replies.

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