Should i turn on the security encryption on my Western Digital harddrive?

I was about to turn on the encryption and password feature on my 3TB my passport ultra harddrive but after doing much reading and research it seems like alot of problems can arise from doing this…

So apparently if the harddrive ever stops working of the harddrives enclosure stops working and the harddrive has encryption turned on then the harddrive is not accessible even if you swap it into a new enclosure… That makes me paranoid because a harddrive or its enclosure could fail at any time then all your data is locked inside forever

Also I heard that the Western Digital Security encryption has major flaws and a university tested Western digitals security encryption software and easily broke into it… what are your thoughts?


Encryption is to protect your data if you drive ever gets lost or stolen. If your drive fails and the data is encrypted it will be harder to recover the data.