Should I trust WD drive with Mavericks now?

I got hit by the Mavericks data loss issue. Luckily, I use BackBlaze and have access to a full backup.

I was pretty amazed given the severity of this issue that when I called WD support they told me they couldn’t help me because I’m out of warranty. I get warranties are limited, but this is such an egregious failure, it seems like it deserves special treatment. Whatever. I’m not required to buy anymore WD drives in the future and obviously won’t.

However, my question is this – if I delete all WD software and utilities and reformat that drive, will it be reliable in the future? 

I don’t know enough about hard drives to know whether this was a problem caused by the WD software utilities or by something related to the hardware itself.

Should I just toss that WD drive in the trash?


If you have previews versions of the utilities, make sure to uninstall that and install the latest versions from the support site. 

Please see the following link: