Should I get a thumbnail when getting meta data for a dvd back up?

I got content manually and automatically on a hard drive of dvd back ups that I have and one title seems to have picked up a thumbnail from the xml produced by the content info but none of the other titles.

I do get the back drops, should I not get the thumbnails?

As far as I can tell the one title picked up the thumbnails in a variety of sizes but only the one title.

Any ideas?

Do all the movie files have the correct name? 

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They do,

Here’s how my files are set up. Files are all VOB, seperate files with IFO and what not. Each film is stored in a folder named with the movie title and it contains VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS in (some cases) folder(s) which contain the VOBs

I have my list filtered on folder so that I don’t have to drill down to the VIDEO_TS folder and for some reason, I have a hand full of movies that list as folders anyway, these show thumbnails which store in the .wdtv folder.

The others all list as movies or video with the camera icon. All have the meta info xml and most have the metathumb file.

Here’s my structure:

Film Title folder
    - Metainforation XML files

    - VIDEO_TS

       - **.vob

Both the ones that list as folders and as video have the exact same structure Film Title folder -> VIDEO_TS -> VOBs

What do I need to do in order to have thumbnails show for all movies?