Hi, I have a problem with my new external drive.  I hope somebody could help me.  I’ve been using WD external drive since 3 years ago and this is the first time I encountered such problem.  I have noticed that everytime I open my external drive in my Hp laptop, it only displays the shortcut of its contents.  and some files became read only files.  I’ve been using this new drive for a month now and I only noticed such problem when my husband used my laptop and connected his other WD external drive which was used mostly in Mac…

I am not so good with technical problems when it comes to computers.  I hope you can share your knowledge with me…

Thank you very much.


Have you test the drive on a different computer?

Unless your husband formatted the drive or protected the files, I don’t see any reason why the unit should do that.

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Hi, thanks for your reply.  I haven’t tested it with another computer yet.  I will try later.  In case he accidentally protected the drive, how do I revert it?

Try right clicking on the drive select properties and go into sharing and give Everybody Full Permission. The permission/sharing from Vista to present can be a pain.