Short pauses when watching ISOs on WD TV Mini

I recently got a WD TV Mini which I am very impressed with.  One flaw however is that when I watch ISO DVD rips there are random short pauses, similar to when a dual-layer DVD changes layers.  The pauses aren’t very frequent but now I know they’re there I keep looking out for them!

I have tried different USB HDDs (Maxtor OneTouch III Mini & WD Passport) and ripped DVDs using DVD Shrink 3.2 and CloneDVD2, all giving the same results.

Has anyone else experienced this with the WD TV Mini? If so did you manage to fix it?

Okay I’ve just watched an ISO all the way through and I noticed that the pauses are happening just before the chapter breaks.  My search for a solution on Google has been fruitless thus far :cry:

Any takers? :smiley:

Yep I get this as well and they also are on the chapter breaks. Happens with all iso files I have tested so far.

Just got the unit last week and may take it back if we cannot get a fix.

Have you put a support request with WD?

I have the same issue on my Mini.

I just lodged a support query.

Lets hope they fix this for us in the next firmware update.

My WD TV does the same thing.  I just purchased it last week.  It does it several times.  The screen freezes, then blanks, while audio keeps playing.  Very annoying.