Sharing Security Changes In Windows 7 SP1

I installed SP1 on Windows 7 Ultimate a few weeks ago and no problems until I updated a video driver. I couldn’t get it resolved so I restored the image I made just before installing SP1. Every thing seemed to work so reinstalled SP1. I tried using Good Sync and got a read only error. Apparently installing SP1 disrupted the sharing/security settings. I fumbled through those and now the drives all work OK. Just a little headsup on SP1. I think 2 of the worst features on Windows 7 are the networking and sharing settings, They aren’t the most user friendly!



The only thing I note on my computer is that it is slower, even when optimized and using ReadyBoost… SP1 is bloated :frowning:

I actually think mine might be slightly faster. MS apparently changed something in the memory management area and some people using VMware Workstation are having problems after upgrading the host. Mine seems normal but I’m a casual user that uses it mostly for testing software before install on real PC and for some old software on XP or Vista.


Joe, I just stated having sharing issues between my 7 Ultimate (32-bit) laptop and my old XP Pro SP3 (32-bit) desktop.

I have the internal drives of my desktop shared with my laptop, but access and sharing between the computers has been giving me random access denied (You need to have administrator privileges to perform this action) errors…

I just try again and then I can normally share, move, copy, erase and modify files at will… W7’s SP1 is not working for me u_u

Well since you know what mes the sharing is you’ll understand I don’t quite know what I did for sure. I went into the Advanced Sharing Add and got the following added Everybody Administrator myself. I gave full permissions there. I changed Everybody at the first place I came to but when I got deeper it wasn’t changed there. I hate the sharing and networking. I think XP was easier. A lot of people got hung up on the Home Group in Windows 7.