Sharing & Permissions - Remote Read Issue (My Passport WD5000LMC)

Hi there,

I have an iMac currently running LION (V10.7.2). I have a WD 500GB My Passport drive directly connected to the PC via a USB cable, and can locally access the drive without issue. In addition, I am able to use  PS3 Media Server to remotely access media stored on this drive without issue.

My challenge is that an older iMac running 10.6 can see the primary iMac (above) across the wireless network, and even access a couple of other HDD’s I have externally connected, but it cannot ‘see’ the WD My Passport drive. I have checked the “sharing & permissions” for the WD drive, and find that this drive seems to support local read & write only, with no option to change the settings.

Anyone have any idea how the heck I can change the settings on the drive so I can have remote ‘read only’ access to this drive?

Thanks in advance for any help you guys are able to offer.

Have you tried contacting apple about this.  This seems more like a network issue between Lion and Snow Leopard.  Especially since Lion no longer uses samba for viewing drives across the network.  

I would - were it not that another Simpletech external 320gb USB drive connected to the same LION- based iMac is readily identifiable and accessible across the network.

The issue definitely seems to be with the WD firmware, as opposed to some interoperability between Leopard/Lion.


Sorry - should also have mentioned that the Simpletech drive gives me the whole gamut of sharing rights (local, remote; read and/or write), whereas the WD drive seems restricted to only local use.

That sounds like a no-brainer.  Poor WD.  What I was referring to, though, had more to do with how Lion no longer recognizes samba, so your Leopard may not be able to access a drive through Lion because it still uses samba.  Anyway it was a thought.

No worries - all thoughts, comments, suggestions and cash donations will be gratefully accepted at this point! :wink: Thanks for taking the time to reply.