Sharing mycloud with (lots of) others

In a couple of short months I’m going to be at a Rally in Yosemite. (Yeah, riding!)
Lots of folks will be wanting to take lots of pictures and I’m thinking of setting up a place for them to send these pictures.
NOTE: I didn’t buy a mycloud yet.

Is there an easy way to create a “SHARE” folder on this and allow anyone to upload stuff while we’re there, then close it later? (I’ll be burning DVDs when I get back)
Maybe one login and password to be shared by all?
Write only?
Any ideas?

ANOTHER NOTE: These folks will most likely be sending their movies and pictures via different types of smart phones.

Thank you.

If you haven’t done so already you should read the My Cloud User Manual (, in particular Chapter 8 Accessing Your My Cloud Device Remotely which explains how to setup Remote Access. One can use the WD My Cloud Desktop or WD apps for iOS and Android to upload files. Or one can use the web portal to upload content. Or one can enable FTP (or SFTP) on the My Cloud to grant access to upload content via an FTP program or app.