Sharing media without using the "Public" share?

All my media currently resides in the download share…not the public.  I tried looking through the setting in the twonky server but it seems like i can only add folders within the public share!   Am i just missing something obvious?

Yes, Twonky is set up to use only the Public share.  While it is possible to point it at other shares, it takes some Linux expertise.  Unless you are comfortable making command line changes to Twonky’s configuration (and being able to recover those changes if something goes wrong), I’d say just put everything under Public.


The problem is that Twonky has a base directory that it automatically prepends to any directories you add. Fortunately, you can change this base directory fairly easily by issuing a command through your web browser.

If you type the following into your web browser’s address bar, it will change the base directory:

http://:9000/rpc/set_option?contentbase= where is the name or IP address of your ShareSpace and is the share you want to use (including /DataVolume/ at the beginning of it).

For example, if your NAS is at and you want to change the base directory to Download, type:

The browser will respond with a white page that simply says “/DataVolume/Download” which indicates it was successfully changed. Once you see this, go back to the maintenance section of the Twonky config, rebuild the database, and restart the server.

Then, any share that you add to Twonky will be based off the Download share, not the Public share. So, a Twonky share of “Pictures” will come from Download/Pictures, not Public/Pictures. If you click the Browse button, you’ll see the directories within the Download share.

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OMG! I LOVE YOU! hehe! I’ve been searching for a fix for this for HOURS when i finally stumbled on this thread.  This works beautifully! Thanks soooo much! 


Edit:  Is there such a command line that can be used to change directory the drive points for the ITunes library?

OMG!!! from me too, I was beating my head against a wall last week trying to figure this out.

For three days I’ve been moving my files and I rind this thread now… oh well.  Good to have it answered.


There should be an “advanced” section to any equipment manual that will allow more savvy users to make these kind of adjustments.  So many manufacturers dumb down documentation for the masses… I can only assume to minimize the support calls from people who tinker too much.

Thanks for the info… about a week too late for me as I have already relocated everything and made everyone redo their itunes to the public directory.

Good stuff.

Any hope of a fix like this for the itunes ripository? I’d like to play with it but i’m not moving my music.

There is also a way to change iTunes Server MP3 directory.

only way to do that ( i know ) is

connect device with SSH (with putty or another ssh client)

go to directory ./etc and search for " mt-daapd.conf "

in that file u find


mp3_dir (required)

Location of the mp3 files to share.  Note that because the

files are stored in the database by inode, these must be

in the same physical filesystem.

mp3_dir =/shares/Public/Shared Music

at the end of the file u find also

music_dir =Public/Shared Music

dont use windows standart editor to change that file

Does anyone know if this can be done with sonos?