Sharing G-SPEED STUDIO XL 64TB Tb2 between Mac & PC

Hi, I have shifted my 360VR editing to a PC platform and need to move my G-SPEED STUDIO XL 64Tb Thunderbolt 2 on to the PC. I have ordered a thunderbolt 2 card for the PC. I would like both my Mac & PC to access the RAID at the same time (not working on the same projects). Is this possible? How would I do this? What extra hardware would I need? Many thanks for your help.


Literally at the same time is not possible. You cannot have a drive hooked up to multiple systems at once. You would have to physically attach it to one or the other when you need to use the drive.

In order to be able to see it on both platforms you will need to format the device as an exFAT drive.

Thank you for your reply. I had hoped to hear that it could be turned into a NAS with additional hardware.