Sharing from Windows with 2 Networks

Dear WD Friends,

i am always having trouble with WD TV Live connecting to my Windows PC when my PC is connected to more than one Network.

im using Windows 7 SP1 x64

First time i pluged in my Neighbour’s Network via cable into my second Networkcard…after this WD TV Live didnt find my Windows Share anymore. Ping to WD TV was working. AND Streaming from the same computer’s Media Player also worked, only windows share did not work! When i pluged out my Neighbour’s network everything worked fine.

So i decided to keep the second network plugged out and it was ok.

BUT now i installed VMWare for testing purposes and i do need another (virtual) Network for it…in general it is just another Networkcard which is virtually connected…so for windows it is just another Networkcard…and now the same problem! 

Is there anybody with a hint? 


Can you see the WD TV as a network share from your computer? 

I think you are having the exact same issue I am except my 2nd network is via a VPN: