Sharing between home computers

Simple question (I hope).  I’ve searched and can’t figure it out.  I just bought a new computer, and would like to transfer all my photos from My Book Live to the new computer.  However, when I go to “Retrieve” I only have the option to retrieve the items that have been backed up from that computer–there’s no option to select my old computer. 

When I select “Retrieve” from my old computer, I see the same thing–there is no option to select the data from the new computer.

How can I make them “see” each other?

Thanks in advance!

Check if you have the latest Smartware version installed. All of the previous backups should appear under the “Backed up Volumes” section on the retrieve tab, but you can also manually explore the Smartware backup folder and move your files back to the PC.

Software update for Windows users

When you go to the retrieve tab it automatically selects the volume for you so hit retrieve and then at the bottom left there’s a button named “Back” click it and select the volume you want to recover from and hit next.