Sharing attached USB Drives

It can now share out attached usb drives over your network

What transfer rates will we get ? Guess USB will be teh bottleneck ?

Wonder if the drives are still shared evene when the WD TV is in ‘standby’ mode ?

Here’s my results for copying thru WIRED network:


about 10 Megabytes per second.  

And yes, it’s still accessible when it’s in Standby.

Wow, that is VERY disappointing! I did the same test over wireless (N) and the best I got was 35 Mbps (a little over 4 MB/s) I will be hard wiring my WD TV Live on Gigabit soon so was hoping to get USB2 speeds (about 30 MB/s). 10.2 MB/s is only a hair over 100meg Ethernet.

That will be a big hope !!!

this player only has 100meg ethernet ???

WD specs indicate it has Gigabit Ethernet:

*Update they have changed the specs to indicate Ethernet instead of Gigabit Ethernet. I guess that’s that. REALLY disapointed since this was one of the reasons I purchased it. Doesn’t make senses that the Hub has Gigabit but not the new WD TV Live???

Being in the UK I have not got one yet, I’m going by the comments on this thread from people who already own one ???