Sharespace installation CD + Windows 7 missing text

After I finally got the Sharespace working I decided to install the backup and MIONet software. When the CD installation screen comes up the buttons are blue / black rectangles with no text. This is on Windows 7 PC. On a Windows XP PC the buttons show the text labels correctly. Any suggestions why the text isn’t showing?



I’m newbie and I have the same problem.

My PC run with Windows 7 64 bits and I have installed Java 6 (build 1.6.0_21-b07) and Adobe Flash 10. Why can’t I see the text of buttons on CD installation screen?


Check you installation CD as it most likley only supports up to Vista.

Use this link which is the windows 7 version required.

Then use this link should you need to setup a backup plan.

So you are able to download the back up plan software (second link above). You will need to register you product on this link (below).

I am having the same problem as the person above, except I am running Vista 32bit.  Flash 10.1, I am not sure about the Java version.

Is this common?  I appreciate any help as I have a $500 brick in my office at the moment.  LOL

I am in the same boat my friend, I just setup my My Book World Edition II Network Drive and went to install the CD and the boxes are there but no text in them… I also have a passport that has the same issue when I click on the setup files in the actual external drive. I’m running 32 bit Vista and running most current versions of Java and Adobe Flash…  This problem wasn’t always the case with my 500 gig Passport.  Something must have happened since I first installed my Passport and now since both are experiencing the same problem with the install software…  I see some similar problems with this gentleman:

If you find a solution please share…  I just bought Network Drive and the Media WD TV Live Plus devices and not cheap… I expect at least to be able to see the buttons I’m clicking on or is that too much to ask.

My sister has a WD Book thing and I have one as well… older models… from we purchased them, they gave problems. Sometime the devices wouldn’t turn on when they did the drive didn’t always get recognized. I sent my bearer to pick up a 2TB NAS drive not realizing that it was WD. Now I’ve purchased this 2TB piece of ■■■■ and out of the box the software has no text in the install menu. To download the the software thinking my CD was corrupt I had to go thru a registration gammut…

My advice… .STAY AWAY FROM WD PRODUCTS!!! I’ve seen them fail 3 out of 3 times!!!