ShareSpace disks all suddenly FOREIGN

I recently rebooted my 4TB (4 disk) ShareSpace because it was serving up corrupt (missing data) files.  After rebooting, all four drives (all WD disks) that used to be “Good” are now listed as “Foreign.”  Same story after another reboot.  The DataVolume, shares and all files appear normal.  Nothing of interest in /var/log/  This problem looks similar to another post that is somehow locked from replies, hence this new message on the same problem.  What gives?

Since I no longer trust this WD box, I’ve ordered a ReadyNAS Ultra 6 to replace it.  Hopefully the data on the ShareSpace will live on another week.


We recommend to contact one of our specialist at technical support for further assistance.

LOL but I appreciate the suggestion!  I’ve worked with WD “technical specialists” before on another issue with the Sharespace, that’s why I’m switching to a Netgear ReadyNAS filled with WD drives.