Shares Visible

So as I’m sure all of you who use my cloud know you can have different users and restrict users from viewing certain shares, brilliant idea right?

However when it comes to streaming that is totally blown out of the water. I use VLC and I can view all the shares, as I don’t even have to login, the same applies to the WDMyCloud App. What is the point in having the usermanagement system within Mycloud if your apps/allow other apps to login without asking for a username or password?

I understand it’s all about sharing, but what if theres things I don’t want to share, even the option to ask for a password would be nice.

On the VLC App for ipad I can see every share, which I don’t like. Certian shares should be private. The only way I’m able to make it private is by using the twonky server to disable sharing / remove access. This is kind of a pain to do this every time I want to access my private share, why not enable a password prompt or some sort of authorization rather than simply share everything or nothing.

The issue is with mixing differing delivery technologies.
Ftp is not same as upnp which is not the same as samba which is not the same as wedav which is not the same as (add protocol here)

You are wanting a single sign on mechanism which these technologies can only partially provide, and others can’t because thats not built into their design (e.g upnp, which is twonky). This is only one of the many issues with consumer products trying to integrate into heterogeneous networks, protocols, operating systems… the solution is to provide less but integrated technology or to sell a product that gives more but is harder to configure.

The solution in your case is not use twonky but use only samba or ftp as these have integrated authentication.

Oh, and vlc on IPad supports ftp very nicely.

You can’t set streaming per share but you can disable it for any shares you don’t want to stream from, set media serving to off