Shares content disappears

Ever since I’ve had the MyBook Duo I’ve been accessing it wirelessly through my Samsung Smart tv… when a certain folder would have alot of files in it in would become unaccesable from my tv the files just wouldnt show anymore but  would always be able to see them on the system or access them on my phone… I rectified the problem by plugging an external hard drive to it and never encountered the problem acessing the files on the hard drive but now im having that same issue I go to watch it on my Samsung and theres no files showing… 

would greatly appreciate if someone can help rectify this its extremely frustrating… and please try to keep it simple im no computer genius


I assume you are using your TV to access the DLNA server on teh MBLD?  You are not accessing the SMB or NFS servers are you?   If you are accessing the DLNA server, i would bet that the DLNA database is corrupt. You should rebuild the database from the interface in Dashboard.  Even better is to install Twonky media server instead of the native DLNA server.

Hi wdlive yes accessing it through DLNA although I dont have any issues accessing it through my phone or ipad only on the samsung TV… I also just realized that there was an update installed yesterday could that have affected it somehow? I was going to install twonky but it just seemed so complicated I’ll have to give it a shot today though

Just to verify… I CAN access the MBLD on my TV although some folders appear empty when in fact they have heaps of content on them and some folders im able to see everything in them… i also cant access Twonky on my mac please tell me somebody has a solution this is extremely frustrating