Sharepoint repeated failure: copy 700GB / 710GB then wipe out share point!


I got two WD MyCloud devices, one is intended to be the primary Cloud device and the second is the backup device. So I create a sharepoint for the primary device copying onto the secondary WD Cloud device.

The sharepoint’s initial update (backup) keeps failing around 700+/- few GB out of 710GB. This is frustrating given the copy process is very slow. It takes about 36 hours to copy 700GB then it fails. I had two consecutive failures thus far.

The odd thing is when it fails, the sharepoint disappears from the sharepoint list. I had to logout then back in the dashboard. It took a few log-in/log-out then the sharepoint reappears in the list! The unit said the sharepoint is in “invalid state”, suggest update (i.e. copy backup again) to fix the problem. I went along press the Update button, then it copies about 2 more GB then fails. This time the unit still say sharepoint in invalid state. I then update again but this time it copies from start!!! This is frustrating as this behaviour is reproduceable twice. So far I am unable to have a sharepoint for the primary device.

Anyone has experienced this? Any suggestion to fix this will be greatly appreciated. I am considering to return the products. It’s not a stable nor a robust product!

Thank you. 

I had very similar issues when I purchased my 3TB My Cloud several months ago. My first attempts to create a successful “Sharepoint” did not complete. I tried several times like you described. I had my data loaded , upgraded the firmware and actually everything got worse. This is not my first NAS so I was trying to figure out what might be wrong. Logged into the forums and started reading. From everyone’s help on “Tip and Tricks” this is what I did.

  1. I had already loaded the NAS with my data. Luckily I still had a copy of everything so restoring the My Cloud was not an issue …. I just lost a lot of time.
  2. Made sure I was on the latest updated firmware.
  3. I did a “Full System Restore” which wiped the disk of all data. Actually to my amazement this fixed a ton of issues. Why, I am not exactly sure, but it did.
  4. This time I did not use the Setup Executable from WD. I just went into my browser and typed in the IP addy and setup the cloud from there (through the Dashboard). Created my Users and Shares with permissions.
  5. Copied a few files for testing as I wasn’t loading this thing up again …. Just in case.
  6. I have another NAS that I use for the Sharepoint , making sure my login and password on the other NAS was correct. I do not know if this was necessary  but I made sure the disk on the Sharepoint NAS (Not the My Cloud) was clean and reformatted. I heard this makes a difference as it is not a WD product.
  7. Tried the Sharepoint creation from the My Cloud and it completed successfully, and fairly fast I might add.
  8. I went ahead and loaded the My Cloud with the rest of my data, again this went faster this time around … I’m not sure if the “Full System Restore” had anything to do with it.
  9. Deleted my “Test” Sharepoint and created a new one. This first attempt I got an error like you did. I Updated the Sharepoint and it completed successfully. Since that time all updates to that Sharepoint have worked flawlessly.

I wasn’t happy about all the time it took to accomplish this, but since that time my unit has worked. I did have an issue with the last firmware where WD Support had me do a 20 second powered “ON” reset, which fixed the issues I was having. I guess the latest firmware has an issue with Users and Shares created with the older firmware not being able to update their permissions or delete their accounts. Hopefully WD will fix this as I can see this will be an issue as our system grows.

I hope this helps

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Thank you for the remark.

It’s a bit scary to do a complete Full System Restore but I may try it… I was able to do a complete Safepoint backup on an USB portable drive, connected to the MyCloud unit so at least I have a fall back solution.

Just a side note, with the MyCloud and an USB connected side by side to the MyCloud as a Safepoint device is fine for backup need. The reason I use another MyCloud is it allows me to hide that Safepoint unit somewhere else in the house. In the unlikely event that we have a break-in, the thief would most likely take any portable electronic units, they would grab my MyCloud and my USB device then I am toasted! 

Again thanks for suggestion… got to think over if I want to do a Full Restore, or return the product and look for an alternative solution.