Shared music folder content is showing in my cloud app but with remote access computer

I transfered my Itunes library to the shared music folder in the public section of the WD my book live. One day this was working the next day the ‘shared music’ folder dissappear when viewing remotely. I ejected the drive and re-connected which revealed an empty folder. The files must be there because I can access them through my iphone ‘mycloud’ app - I am listening to songs from that folder right now on my phone. Is there a way I can get the files to show again on computer connected remotely?


Are the files on the NAS or USB drive?

The part were you mention that a drive was ejected does not apply to NAS storage.

Can you access the folder from your LAN?

O ejected the drive and loaded it again several times and the files came back. It does seem a bit buggy to use over internet via itunes