Shared folders means duplication of already backed up data?


I have a myworld book ii,  2 tb. I have a basic question. I am doing a AUTOMATIC backup of all my data, music, videos etc from my computer onto the Y: (public)  drive on the my world. All this data is going to the MyWorld_Backup folder which was automatically created by the system. This includes all my photos, music and videos.

Now, for all my network media players to detect the photos, music, video using the twony media server, DO I HAVE TO AGAIN MANUALLY COPY ALL THE MUSIC, VIDEOS AND PHOTOS FROM THE ALREADY BACKEDUP DATA TO THE folders called Shared Music, Shared Pictures and Shared Videos ? If so, do I have to do it everytime I have backed up new music / photos/ vidoes in the MyWorld_Backup folder using the auto back up facility ? Is this the right way ? Seems illogical to me. Also, using this process, is DUPLICATE space created on the drive for the same phtos, videos and music that are ALREADY in the backed up folder OR does it simply create a link to them without taking ACTUAL PHYSICAL space ?



I would like to know the answer to the same question that was posted THREE months ago.   Hello WD, do you visit your own message forum?   Also, related to the previous post, I know there is WD Photo app for the Apple products, how about releasing an app for android smart phones as I am going to switch from AT&T and go to most likely Sprint and will be using a HTC phone. 

  If you used the system in it’s default configuration you WOUL<D need to make copies in the default locations, yes, and this would take up double the space, yes.

  I’m not entirely sure about mixing the different media formats - video and music and pictures etc. - in a single location (directory) and how the media-server software would handle (or not handle) the situation… I’d need to look into that (I keep all my media formats pretty seperate by default anyways).

  But you CAN tell the media server software to look under the directory you are backing up to directly instead of (or in addition to) the default media folders, and it will build up the library using those specified locations.

  You need to login to the web frontend, select the advanced option then click on the media tab, and finally the media-server button.

  I’m not entirely certain what the exact process is from that point, but you will find that you’re taken to a new web page that gives you access to the media server and it’s configurations. Explore a bit - there is a spot where you can define the default and additional locations for the server to look for media files.

  Scream if you need more help.