Shared folders dont vanish


since a few weeks, i got a little problem with my hd media player.

i generally use it, to view videos shared on my computer on my tv.

everything works fine with the exception that the shared folders dont vanish if i unshare them.

they are still listed, if i turn on the media player next day.

they are empty and they are even there, if my computer is turned of.

if i reshare them, i can access them normally.

by and by, there are too many folders…

it wasnt since the beginnig i used the media player, it came suddenly.

since the bug came into play, the folders only vanished once… after 2 weeks of not using it during my vacation - not an option.

hope anybody has a clue,

excuse my bad english,



Welcome to the forums.

It sounds like a media server problem.

Someone here had a problem with a media server that wouldn’t show all their folders they shared, and yours is showing folders you no longer share.  What they had to do was go into their media server and run some sort of recompile or reset so that it would reindex things, and you may have to do the same (on your PC side).

For more details you could visit the site that supports your hd media player.

thanks for the fast reply.

im just sharing ordinary folders in windows.

since i dont use any media-server software, i dont know how to reset the windows “sharing-options”.

im using winxp, somebody know something about re-indexing my network-shares?


Mine has done that before (but it wouldn’t let me BROWSE them the way you say it does, it’d give me an error.)

At any rate, unplugging the unit and plugging it back in a few minutes later fixed it.

i cant browse them, i just see them. error-message “no media available…” or the like pops up.

unplugging it sounds good, that would explain the vanished folders after the holiday.