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Hi I have just got my My Cloud Mirror, and a bit of a newbie.

My Daughter is a keen amatuer photographer, and I would like to set her up as a user, but I would like her to have access to her folder only, on the My Cloud Mirror. I have created a folder in public called Megs Folder.

I would like her to have full access (read/write) to this folder

But no access to the other folders on Public.

I, as admin would like full access to all files and folders.

Is this possible ?, and if so How do I set it up ?

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You need to create a share for her, not a folder.

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Thank for the reply

But when I do that, she has access to all the folders on Public, I only want her to have access to own folder (If that makes sense)

You can’t restrict access to folders. Only shares have that control.

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Thanks for the info,

I have now set up test share for myself (Micks Folder), but when I click on the folder, I the following window opens.

I have not set any network usernames/passwords. Any Ideas what I am doing wrong.


Network 1.JPG

I have tried the username/password for my My Cloud Dashboard but it then comes up with the following message

network 2.JPG

Thanks again


Looks like the share is set to PRIVATE.   Private shares must be set to specific users, hence why it’s asking for authentication.

If you ever connect to a public share BEFORE you access a private share, it will do that second error, which explains what’s happening:  “Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed…”

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BTW, I have found an easy way to make the Public folder private and also specify which users should have access…but I have done it for My Cloud EX2. I’m not sure if it’ll work for the My Cloud regular, which has a different codebase from EX2/EX4/Mirror. Will post the details on the EX2 sub-forum soon…hopefully.

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That would be great Thank You, As I have sort of given up on making private shares, Thanks for both of your help.

As I am stuggling to sort it out.


MikeEP63, please note that the technique may or may not work on the My Cloud Mirror (mine is My Cloud EX2)…and though it is a simple process, for me at least, it requires logging into the box via an SSH session and making a couple small changes to one file using a unix text editor like vi, which may not be that easy for most non-techie folks. And do note, technically though it’s just some simple changes, it may void your warranty since you are altering the behavior of the device.

But regardless, I’m not sure why you’ve given up on making private shares…they are very simple and easy to create and alter using the dashboard’s GUI. Or did you just mean you’ve given up on making THE share called Public a private one. Even without this hack to make the Public behave just like a regular share, you should be able to use all other shares normally. And you can even keep media streaming on in any share, private or public.

TtonyPh12345’s last comment explains when you get the error (in the 2nd pic) that you are getting. In such cases, you need to make Windows forget the network share’s password you used. In fact, I had to do the same on my Windows computer as I was tinkering with share permissions earlier today. Found a simple way to do that with a google search that led me to this article ->

I have posted my writeup here ->

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