Share content link does not work, web page will not open

Following instructions (see below) from the learning center, i sent some links by email. At first when i had WD My Cloud, it seemed to work fine. However, since recently, the links will not open the particular webpage. What may have gone wrong?

Please assist


Action 2: Share your content

Using the WD My Cloud desktop app, you send people an email message that contains a link that gives them access to files you want to share.

To share content:

  1. On your computer, launch the WD My Cloud desktop app.
  2. Select your WD My Cloud drive.
  3. In the left pane, expand folders as necessary to locate the content you want to share.
  4. In the right pane, click a single item (or shift-click to select multiple items).
  5. Right-click your selection and then choose Email.
  6. Fill out the email window and send the message. 


Have you moved the location of the files in the My Cloud? 

No, i did not move any files. Yesterday i discovered what the problem was. It had to do  with a connection setting that i managed to change with the WD Dashboard software. I have no idea how that could have changed, but  it also affected  my remote connection from other computers so that i was unable to map a drive onto that pc. Now it is working again, but i found out by accident, something  to keep in mind for the future and for other people as  well.

Thanks  for your comment anyway,