Share access problems

I am using a WD my book live on a newly reinstalled version of Windows 8.1.

I have 3 users on the PC all logging in using microsoft accounts.

The WD drive is working fine and I can access the public shares at most times when I log in as each user separately. I used the WD discovery software to set up the links to the public shares for each user.

The issue I have is that if I log in as one user and then switch users rather than logging out of the first user the public shares are not accesible for the newly logged on user. If I click on the shares it asks for network credentials which it was not asking for when logging in as a a single user.

Any help appreciated to resolve the issue.

Many thanks.

Hello there, What happens if you try to log on to the IP address instead of the location name, sometimes the previous user would stay logged in and this can cause the operating system to assume another users is already logged on this network location. To test try to restart the computer and check if the you are able to log in to the user that was not letting you  previously.