Share Access for groups missing from dashboard

In the Users section of the dashboard, under the Users tab, when I select a user, two sections appear on the right. One is User Profile, and beneath that is Share Access. However, when I am on the Groups tab and select a group, only Group Profile appears. Share Access for groups is missing. I know it should be there because I’ve seen tutorials on how to set that up that include screenshots. and it’s in the user manual. And besides that, there is no point in even creating groups if you can’t configure share access for them.

This is on an EX2 Ultra on the latest firmware, OS5 version 5.21.104.

UPDATE: I was using MS Edge browser. Tried Chrome and Share Access was available for groups so I cleared Edge cache and reloaded the page and there was no change. So it seems that for some reason, it’s just not possible in Edge, so I will use Chrome to access the My Cloud dashboard from here on out.

Hi @breadfan85,

Please refer to the article Share Access Failure - Public Share Prompts for Password Access Denied:

If further assistance is needed, please open a case with our support team at the following:

Wow, not even in the same ballpark, Keerti. Anyway, I’ve already updated my post with the solution. Thanks for trying, I guess.