Several issues on Macbook Pro (connecting, login, workflow)

Hello everyone,

Im new to this forum as I am also new to WD My Cloud in general, plus I am working now with Apple products where I also never worked with. So please have mercy with me if I have overseen some obvious things.

Alright to get you guys on a good information level i will quick tell you how the setup looks like

  • WD My Cloud Mirror connected directly to router (obvious but maybe good to know).

  • 3 MacBook Pros (further I will call them MBP) with macOS Sierra, connected via LAN to the router (no W-LAN).

  • Each of the MBP has an own User on the NAS with specified shared folders.


  • First of all the biggest issue is that the connection is somehow not stable. that means that on a regular basis I have to re-login to the network drive. That is really annoying because all the MBP need to be connected stable to maintain an adequate workflow für the employees.

  • Further there is an issue with the aliasses that I created on the desktop. They somehow tend to loose connection and I have to reconnect them with the original folder on the network drive. (here I am not sure if I make a mistake on the MBP or if its also a problem with the Cloud).

  • I also should enable the external cloud connection over wd2go for one of the MBPs, I managed to create an account and can also log in without problems. the only thing is that I do not see shares at all. I need to be able to open the folders from the user in the Finder (so downloading, editing and uploading the file is no solution).
    If there would be any other possibility to access the data from outside, im open for solutions.

  • Last there is also an issue with the accessability of the files over finder. Meaning when I work on Excelsheets it sometimes happens that I loose connection to the network drive (a message something like “server shut down” appears) and then the NAS is not responding until I closed and opened the folders again. Some of the files also take ages to load. Not sure if thats a problem or if that is just standard like this.

I hope somebody can help me here… :frowning: i really need soon a good solution.
If you need anymore information feel free to ask


PS: hope my english is good enough :stuck_out_tongue: not native speaking here.

At least someone ? please :frowning: i really need help.