Several errors


It seems that there are several errors in WD TV Live Media Player:

  • Jumping to next chapter mark, subtitle language automatically returns from non-english to english!

(Why hasn’t WD tested the product before release???)

  • Device doesn’t seem to support neither chapter marks or DVD menus from neither seperate VOB-files nor from ISO image of movie DVD! The device should be able to function as a DVD player, using data on USB device and network in stead of a physical DVD.

  • The main menu is too fancy - it should be easy to navigate instead of lots of scrolling. Why not use free space on screen?

These errors should be corrected within10 days - otherwise I may have to return the product to the dealer.

Moreover I think there are too few buttons on remote control. Buttons for changing audio and subtitles should be added.

However, this is good: Picture quality is excellent even with component connection.

dvd menu/chap support or the lack of it…

initially, i wanted it too but then…i asked myself

  • its a HD world now, why would i want to backup my SD dvd at 1:1 (vobs/isos)…its a waste of hdd space and there are many tools around to convert it up to a mkv, mp4, etc…and i still have my dvd player if i reaaaaaly wanted to watch it the old school way…

  • i agree that the gui should use more screen space to reduce the need to scroll…and scroll and scroll…i have about 900+ movies on network share and its a biatch to watch a movie in the middle of the pack