I am trying to connect my tv live box to my computer. it is asking for my username and password. when i enter my username and password for my computer it say username/password invalid


sorry to hear about the issues. I don’t personally use smb

but do you have password protected sharing enabled

oh and don’t pay attention to “IH8MYWD” , he’s just pissed ranting that moderators already closed his other thread

maybe he does have issues, but there’s 1000’s here without problems and a bunch that I’m sure will jump in to try and help

Maybe he has issues…ahahahahahaha

OK buddy. Every single issue on the first page.

The thing is garbage.


Check that the WD box and your Computer are in the same workgroup (under SETUP / Network Settings) and ignore any trolls along the way…

Good Luck


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Weejock, is your share actually password-protected? Or should it be open? If it is sharing with “Everybody,” then just use the default user ID “anonymous” and an empty password.

And I’ll agree you should ignore the other guy. The fact that he thinks the media library filled his drives with XML files is just another indicator that he doesn’t know how the WDTV works. The media library doesn’t create XML files at all. It only creates a couple of database files in a hidden folder.

IH8MYWD wrote:

I am not saying this to try and be a jerk.  I dont want to see people taken with this device.

And since when does your opinion matter?

IH8MYWD wrote:
Funny I can look at this help forum and see a complete list of all the stupid things that my WD did.  This was the first problem I had.  You will see more.

 Or not as is for the majority of people which is why this thing is still selling like sliced bread.

IH8MYWD wrote:
Selling like sliced bread. Holy you guys just love to make up stuff don’t you.

You can’t find them anywhere at any reputable electronics store because half the people never heard of it.



Best Buy:

(and the last I checked they were still carring them on the shelves).


And the last time I checked all these were reputable.

They are also still number 11 on Amazon’s Best Sellers in Streaming Media Players , which is not too bad for a device that came out in 2011.

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IH8MYWD wrote:
Selling like sliced bread. Holy you guys just love to make up stuff don’t you.

Says the **bleep** who claimed he experienced all of the bugs people listed here. Yeah, right.

IH8MYWD wrote:
Sliced bread. Holy **bleep** you jerkoffs make me laugh

 I’d rather say we make you swear badly. Mission accomplished, genius. Good riddance :wink:


You need to calm down or your going to blow a blood vessel or have a cardiac arrest.

OK so you had a bad experience with your WD - put it on ebay and buy something else.

I had loads of bad experiences with iPhones - can’t stand the things. I didn’t jump on the iOS tech forums & start screaming what a pile of @$%&. I got rid of it and and now I am a happy Nexus 5 owner.

Move on please.




Opps, just seen what you did to your WD - no money back on ebay then!