Setup Wizard won't display for Passport Ultra

I recently purchased the WD MyPassport Ultra, but accidentally ordered the Windows version when I have a Mac. The support person said I could reformat, which I did with the instructions below. That worked I believe, but the set-up wizard never shows up so I’m not sure how to set-up my drive and start using it. Any advice?


Since the drive was reformatted, the applications that comes with it will be erase from the drive it self. As a recommendation, download all the application from the WD Support website.

See if the following link helps.

So I don’t think I have the metal version, not sure if that matters or not.

I dug around in there a bit, but I’m not sure exactly where to go to download the application. I’m on a Mac with El Capitan. Any chance you can give me the exact link with the instructions?

Nevermind I found it all under the downloads tab. Thank you!!!