Setup Will not work on mybooklive

I have tried everything! It shows in windows and I can copy files etc, to the drive folders. It shows in my router when I pull the drive up on a web browser. My cloud cannot find the drive and the setups cannot find the drive. I have tried on three different laptops with different OS’s. I have connected one direct to the router, I have tried static and dynamic and they both show everywhere but the setup and cloud. I have used the device reset, the software factory reset. Have rebooted drive, turned on/off router etc etc etc Spent close to ten hours with no luck. Even put firefox on with Java and approved the exception for the drive, but nothing. wd2go is of no use. A WD tech tried to help , but I am still not able to connect. Somewhere in the process it said to update firmware but the 4…firmware tried to install but an invalid entry comes up when it tries to install (the tech said there was only a 2…update and I already had the latest?). Any ideas or am I stuck with just a storage drive. I have a music NAS from another manufacturer that works just fine.

Ps The Setup and cloud all look for My Book Live , but my windows shows MYBOOKLIVE as does the router and the device IP. I could find no place to change the name to My Book Live

Are you having a problem with the WD My Cloud network attached storage device? Or just with a WD My Book Live? This forum is primarly for the single drive WD My Cloud network attached storage devices. There is a separate WD support forum for the WD My Book Live at the following link:

My Cloud means My Cloud devices, yours is a My Book, not a My Cloud. Changing the name to My Cloud woul dnot solve anything, it will still be a My Book.

Thank you for your help. I got the drive to record the ip camera videos and that is what I got the drive for. I was really confused with this drive setup as my other NAS plugged and played right out of the box after connecting it to the internet. I can copy files to this drive and record videos I still have never been able to run the setup. But now I have more time to research the mobile access part of it. Now from your replies, I know where to at least start. Thanks again

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