Setup problem


i just bougth a new mbl

and using the mbl_window_setting.exe to setup 

but it have error occur , as it cannot reg the device on network.

the setup wiz, given ip as, i connected mbl to d-link 605 router.

any suggestion about this?

other computer in the same LAN router cannot access mbl too…

Did you just try the IP? Can you connect to it if you go to http://mybooklive/UI? Is there another MBL on the network? What OS have you tried connecting from? Is it plugged in? What color are the lights on the front?

My telepathic diagnostics seem to be offline, so I need details.

i try ignored the alert…and it seem still work normally, i can access by virt ip, and app, and network driver…

it seem no problem…or i haven’t hit it yet…