Setup and connection works, uploads don't work

Hey everyone,

I just bought a EX2 Ultra. I was able to set up everything, including the app on my iPhone. I can create the shares and accounts and access them. There is network connection and the drives are healthy. I can access the admin dashboard and configure everything I want.
However I can’t upload a single file, neither from my computer’s browser, nor from my phone. It just doesn’t upload at all, eventually fails and the files are not there. So basically the NAS is useless…

Any tips?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Sounds strange that you can create accounts and shares but not able to upload files. Are you even able to up load file thru Mac Finder or Windows Explorer?

Contact the WD support team directly if further assistance needed.

Using Windows Explorer, I can paste the files directly into MYCLOUDULTRAEX2 and they show up in my cloud very fast. This works in my home network.
However, I need the ability to upload by using the app or the browser interface from home and external networks!

OK, so you have SMB access to your NAS working fine. But the remote access doesn’t seem to be working for you. Here are some knowledge base articles that you can try or contact the WD support team for help directly.

Using the WD tools as suggested above is definitely the easier way.

If you want drag-n-drop from windows file explorer —> that takes work and knowledge of port forwarding, and wan dns/static IPs.

Oh - and think about using a vpn if transferring sensitive files.

I went through the articles but none helped. I have remote access to the EX2 Ultra, I can see and download any file but simply can not upload.
My problem is exactly the same as this one: Can not upload to mycloud from remote location
Unfortunately no solution there :frowning: